Nattugla functionality

  • Smart alarms
  • Two way high quality audio
  • HD quality image night/day
  • Buit in 4G for network

Security functions

We take security and privacy to a new and improved level.

  • Anonymized supervision
  • E2E Encryption of audio&video
  • Approved by NHN (Add Link)
  • There is no storage of audio & video in the cloud
Our Services

For Seniors That Want To Feel Safe - Nattugla Looks After You

Nattugla is a passive notification system that notifies nurses when an unwanted event occurs. For example, if a patient falls or calls for help. Below you can find inspiration from different user levels.

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Our Services

For The Heroes In Healthcare

We believe that the real heroes of our society are the healthcare workers, who provide safety, comfort, and well-being for everyone who needs it. Their ability to work in high-stress situations and make life-saving decisions during emergencies, while also providing care and comfort, makes them invaluable to us.

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Our Services

For Families Who Are Worried About Their Loved Ones

Our mission is to make user-friendly technology that can be understood and accessed by everyone and we strive to always ensure the safety and welfare of our users, at the same time new technology can be a great resource for supporting the elderly in continuing to live great, independent lives, while also reassuring their families.

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Our Services

For Communities That Want To Give The Best Care For Their  Residents

In an age where technological advances characterize society, it is essential to embrace digitization, in order to improve the quality of our services. By utilizing digital supervision we increase our efficiency, while improving the quality of life for our loved ones.

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Trusted by Communities

Many municipalities choose to use digital supervision as part of their service offer for citizens. Here you can see some of our satisfied Nattugla users.

Happy Customers
Years Experience

"In Harstad municipality, we are using Nattugla, because it contributes to our home residents  feeling safer, and we are saving time for our healthcare personnel"

Stian Antonsen  

"In Gjøvik municipality, we use Nattugla in institutions and for home residents. Supervision of home residents is handled by response center HT safe."

Frode Røste

"Tynset municipality uses Nattugla in institutions. Alarms and planned supervision are in use and its linked together with the Hepro Respons platform."

Øyvind Bakke

"We experience that the patients, relatives and employees are very satisfied with the solution.Nattugla does the job it's supposed to and that gives security  for all. It is easy to manage, easy to move and it does not have "unsightly"look."

Inghild Helene Sivertsen
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