Frequently Asked Questions

a Black Image during Inspection

I get a black image when I do an inspection

PoE Adapter and Nattugla Features

What should I do if the lights on the PoE adapter are blinking?
Can Nattugla be paused?
How does AMS (Automatic Furniture scanning) work?

Alarms, Access Restriction, and Anonymization

How are fall alarms handled?
What happens if Nattugla loses power?
Is the image from Nattugla anonymized?
How can access for making inspections be limited for employees not at work?

Nattugla Hardware and Connectivity Options

What is the size of Nattugla?
When I attempt an inspection, the image is black, and the video stream does not start.
Can Nattugla be connected with the emergency alarm?

Security and Access

Is Nattugla approved for healt use?
Can Nattugla be hacked?
Who can conduct inspections on Nattugla?
Does the user see when the camera is active?
Can I see who conducted inspections at night?

Connecting Nattugla to the Internet and Power

How to connect Nattugla to the internet?
What options are available for connecting to power?
What happens during a power outage?