Time line

Here are some of the highlights from when we started in 1999 until we are nominated by eHiN for best health product in 2023.

Nattugla now has SW 7.6.0
Nattugle is supplemented with even more alarms:
In addition to alarms - Fall and High sound /Cry for help
We can now offer these alarms:

Out of chair,
Out of bed
Upright in bed‍
Out of room
Too long in the bathroom

Nattugla now has SW 7.02

2000 + Nattugla units
shipped to the market.

Netnordic and Hepro AS win tender for Oslo Municipality. Nattugla is one of the services.

Nattugla is nominated as a finalist for the Ehin awards 2023.
The aim is to shine a spotlight on important work in the e-health field and value the work being done around Norway.

Nattugla from the Easymeeting Jury believes this is a useful and work-relieving concept that is already in use and in the process of being spread.
The solution has been approved and implemented, and already provides value for the user. The purpose is to improve the quality of life for the user, as well as relief for health personnel, who respond to the goals of the health service. The solution is important and saves resources, and ensures safety.
A focus on the user perspective and efficiency is taken care of. The solution can reach many users, and can be advantageously scaled.

Nattugla gets a major software update Fall detection and High sound alarm are now in production.

Nattugla for a new design! We call it Nattugla 2.0 Production now takes place in Shenzhen China. Our partner is Minrray Optics

Nattugle has had several alarms
high sound
Out of chair
Out of bed
Upright in bed

Launch of Nattugla In collaboration with Harstad Municipality.
The product should provide better health services, higher security and a good night's sleep
Easymeeting launches

The product should make it easy for families and relatives to have contact with their loved ones. It should be Safe, flexible - and easy

Easymeeting is approved as a 3rd party supplier for healthcare services.

Easymeeting enters into a partnership with NetNordic eHelse

Easymeeting launches new logo

Easymeeting becomes environmentally certified

Easymeeting and Hepro enter into distributor agreement Hepro Norge will deliver Nattugla to the Nordic market.
Easymeeting launches medical consultation in March, which again changes its name to Helsekonsultasjon a little later.
Easymeeting and Hospital IT are starting a collaboration to deliver health technology.
Care2Call is being created as a system for virtual meetings between nursing home residents and their relatives.
Easymeeting independence day

In January 2020, Easymeeting will for the first time be completely independent of 3rd party suppliers. All services are from now on delivered from the Easymeeting NANO platform Easymeeting uninstalls Pexip from our servers
Easymeeting launched several Apps for its services during 2019

Easymeeting Camera App
Easymeeting Tablet App
Easymeeting Mobile App
EasyMeeting Control App

Easymeeting is moving from Kræmer brygge to Siva Research Park
After 19 years as owned by Avikom AS, Easymeeting AS becomes its own independent company.
Easymeeting launches Webshop solution December 2018
We are celebrating the next 9 years of success in the video conferencing industry.
We deliver the best customer experience and support with Easymeeting Expert meeting hosts, and deliver products and solutions to customers in many different industries.
We are proud to continue to deliver products and services that are simple and easy to use, so our customers can save time and money with Easymeeting
Alibaba and Easymeeting started collaborating on the delivery of Server services. Alibaba Cloud hosted all our upcoming services.
After 5 years of services delivered via the Radvision platform, the software will be uninstalled in May. We were now to deliver services entirely via Pexip.
Easymeeting enters into an agreement with Pexip on the provision of cloud services. The installation on Easymeeting servers was ready December 2014, and we emigrated our customers from Radvision. Easymeeting now got Lync and Skype compatibility

October 2014, the first Alpha version of NANO (Zeenow) was installed on servers for testing.

ZeeNow was a spin off from "see my desktop" which was designed for screen sharing alongside traditional video conferencing.

Easymeeting and Chinese ZTE enter into cooperation to develop an Easy-to-use Videoconferencing device. Easymeeting launches its own TWS (time well spent) H323 codec
Avikom decides to split the company into 3 with Avikom as a holding company

Easymeeting AS, Av Fusion AS and Avikom Distribution AS


Easymeeting lasers Free Directory and Gatekeeper service. This is after testing with several customers. This makes it easier to use Videoconferencing

Easymeeting acquires Radvision  to deliver virtual meeting rooms in the cloud. Easymeeting could then start delivering desktop solutions to all our customers.
Easymeeting Inc was established in the USA

Easymeeting decided in 2010 to establish an office in Connecticut USA. Cody Loughlean became our first employee.
Easymeeting AS was established
100% owned by Avikom AS

Avikom AS was successful in delivering video conferencing and infrastructure with the help of our Expert support team. Easymeeting was then established to be a supplier for "video conferencing as a service" even before cloud services existed

Avikom and Bredbåndsfylket in Troms enter into a cooperation agreement.

Contract to deliver 55 digital centers in Troms County

Dag-Kjetil Hansen, CEO of BBFT

Avikom buys its first conference servers from Tandberg
This was the beginning of providing services for companies that needed virtual meeting rooms. The first server cost NOK 1,000,000. 3 servers were purchased during the year.
Hans Johan Tofteng establishes Avikom AS. The idea was to create a video conference solution that was as simple as a telephone call. It was also supposed to be a solution that helped people save time and money in a hectic everyday life.