a smart camera

Nattugla is a smart camera with AI and associated application for digital supervision.    It comes with a 4G 20GB data card. User rights for healthcare personnel are managed in the administration interface. All inspections are logged in the inspection log, which is stored for 18 months. Nattugla is administered via its own administration page.


Supervision is carried out through a separate application on mobile devices or via a website. Two-factor authentication for login can activate. Alternative via Hepro Respons.


The night owl is mounted on the wall or ceiling, in the room(s) you want to supervise. The most common is to place it in a bedroom, where the camera is pointed at the bed to be able to check that the service recipient is in bed and doing well.

The night owl can also be mounted in areas where the service recipient is usually located - for example in the living room. IR light that the owl uses when it is dark will light up around 4 meters around the owl. Assembling the Night Owl is easy with the accompanying wall mount and screws. See  assembly instructions.

When Nattugla is connected to power, it will be ready for use within a few minutes.

Triangle behind a mountain range made with structural grid like texture