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Many find that they get more security for the patients that they previously had to drive to, but can now take more care per night through Nattugla - to watch over.

You will have access to supervise the patients that you normally travel out to see. Supervision is carried out through a dedicated application on a mobile phone or tablet. You will receive a username and password, as well as an app for logging in, from the person/s who manage the solution in your organisation.

If you use Hepro Respons mobile or the NetNordic App, alarms will be notified on the mobile.

Planned inspections, falls, leaving the bed, leaving the chair or upright in bed, Too long in the bathroom, Leaving the room - as well as whether Nattugla goes offline or comes online.

All inspections are logged as an event.

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Daily use - Health center
Pause alarms in Hepro
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