Offline :

When The Nattugla is disconnected, we receive a notification after 10 minutes. The night owl will try to restart itself to come online.

A disconnected alarm is sent to your app after approx. 20 minutes (cumulative). This will also appear under ALARM in Nattugla admin.

Online :

When a device comes Online, and it has previously sent an Offline alarm, an Online alarm is sent.
In some cases, someone has cut off the electricity at Nattugla to be "sure" that no supervision is taken.
It is therefore good to check this before you report a fault to the owl.

With Hepro App

If you use the Hepro, NetNordic or Zafe App, it will be possible to receive an alarm that lets you know when Nattugla is Offline and when it is Online.

With Nattugla customerportal

If you use Nattugla admin, the status of Nattugla will be displayed under ALARMS