unboxing Nattugla

  • Network cable
  • PoE Adapter for power socket
  • Nattugla
  • Wall mount
Triangle behind a mountain range made with structural grid like texture

Unboxing The Audio  box.

  • Audio device
  • Wall mount
  • USB cable

1 Step : bring Equipment you need

  • Thumb stick
  • Star screwdriver
  • Drilling machine (for installation in a brick wall)
  • Mobile phone to check 4G/5G coverage
  • Equipment for adapting network cable
  • Channel to hide cable
  • RJ connectors and modular pliers

2 Step : placement

  • Nattugla must be mounted at least 30 cm from roof and adjacent wall or other mounted equipment (such as lamps or cupboards) to avoid glare from IR diodes.
  • Nattugla should not point directly at a window, to avoid strong backlight or reflection that disturbs the camera.
  • IR light will provide good light approximately 4 meters in circumference from the Nightattugla, when it is dark in the room.
  • NOTE - If you want a better picture of the person in bed, move the camera closer to the bed. Zoom is limited to the option that is in the touch screen.


  • The night owl must be installed horizontally and tilt tilt must not exceed 33 degrees
    Horizontal angle in relation to the ceiling.
  • Blind zones change with the height of the owl as follows
    (Area directly below the owl that it does not "see")
    200 cm: 84 cm blind zone
    210 cm: 85 cm blind zone
    230 cm: 92 cm blind zone
    240 cm: 95 cm blind zone

Feel free to test the location by connecting the Nattugla to power and carry out a test inspection where you hold
the Nattugla in the area where it is to be installed to see that the image is satisfactory, even when it is dark in the room.

3 Step : screw the wall bracket to the desired position.

When you are satisfied with the location, screw the wall bracket to the desired position. Remember to use all three supplied screws.  Attach to the Nattugla and use the tightening screw to get the right angle. It should be as horizontal as possible.

If you have purchased with an audio unit, this is placed under the owl. It is possible to use a longer cable (up to 4m)
ATTENTION: Attaches in a horizontal position to prevent it from getting hot.

Where 4G will be used

We use Telia with an IOT sim card, in Nattugla and the signal strength should be between -85 to -51dB.(If you have Telia on your mobile, you can check that you have at least 3 lines of coverage, exactly where Nattugla is to be installed. )

If there is bad coverage where Nattugla is to be placed, but there is stable Wi-Fi, it is possible to connect to it.
Alternatively, an antenna can be set up on a building to improve mobile signal.

Here you must use the supplied PoE adapter for power. Plug in cat6 cable to Nattugla. Connect cat6 cable to Poe adapter (input is marked with POE) Connect Poe adapter to power.

Wired network and PoE

Here you can use an unlimited length of cable is possible.
5 m cat6 cable is included.
Plug in cat6 cable to Nattugla. Connect cat6 cable to Poe adapter (input is marked with POE) Connect Poe adapter to power.
Let the Nattugla rest for about 2 minutes before doing a test inspection.

Firewall related information


Nattugla supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, WPA2 and WPA2-Enterprise

Technical will assist with entering information
to connect the Nattugle to WiFi.

Firewall related information