The Partner Portal :

The Partner Portal is for distributors and their dealers. The Partner Portal is a stock management system for distributors and partners, where they can assign Night Owls to their customers. It is possible to activate and deactivate Nattuglas.

Statistics module that shows how many active night owls the individual partner has. The system is multitenant and the manufacturer/distributor/partners only have access to their own partners and customers.

Customer portal:

Customer portal is the system where each customer manages and organizes the use of night owls in their organisation.

When a partner has sold Night Owls, these can be allocated to customers via the Partner Portal . The night owls will appear in the customer portal. For each individual customer, the option to activate sound, anonymisation and smart alarms is set up, if this has been ordered.

There are also user statistics and event logs that show how the night owls are used.

The health worker Portal:

The Nattugla Portal is the place where health workers can supervise via PC or mobile, on a secure WEB page.

The healthcare worker will see the devices to which they have access. Planned inspections can be carried out via the portal. Most healthcare workers will use mobile apps/platforms such as Hepro Respons Mobil or other systems offered by partners.  


Dashboard is a tool for technicians and support personnel, where they can see the status of Nattugla.
The portal will show the history of each individual night owl. Online / Offline status, software version, network (via wired network, Wifi or 4G)

Functions in the Dashboard will be available in the Partner Portal and in the Customer Portal within a short time.