First Step

AMS is started per service recipient, in order to get as accurate a scan of furniture as possible.
It is important that the light is on in the room.

Log in to Nattugla Admin and click on
service recipient.

Click on the symbol to start scanning - you will get a warning
that the image will be saved for 7 days, if you choose to save the image.

second Step

It takes about 30 seconds to scan the room. You can close the window and start new scans on several owls at the same time. Confirm prompts to start scanning.

Third Step

When scanning is complete, a new window opens and furniture is marked.

Fourth Step

You can change by pressing the blue square. by grabbing the dots that appear you can adjust.
Add ignore area - eg a TV
Add exit door and bathroom door.

When you are satisfied, you can SAVE and possibly DELETE IMAGE. Furniture scanning will be intact, even if the image is deleted.
If there is no person in the room, when scanning is run, you can safely leave the image.